Serving Pricing

Shower Service 

Varieties include Crystalline, colored glass, milk glass, silver, and china.

2 Clear punch bowls* with ladles, or glass drink dispensers
3 Cake plates—flat or footed
2 Tiered plate stands 
2 Cupcake display items 
3 Trays 
4 Candy dishes
$80 serves up to 25 guests

*Upgrade to milk glass punch bowls for $2 each or silver punch bowls for $5 each.

Tea Party Service

Varieties include Crystalline, colored glass, milk glass, silver, and china. 

5 China or silver teapots 
5 Cream and sugar sets 
3 Cake plates (footed, medium) 
2 Tiered plate stands (large)
2 Cupcake display items
3 Trays (Crystalline, medium)
3 Candy dishes (medium)
$142* serves up to 25 guests

*Upgrades and customization available. 

Candy Table Service

A selection of dishes and compotes in varying sizes and shapes to dress up your candy table! Includes serving utensil or scoop for each item. Choose from: floral china, Classic Clear glass, Crystalline, colored glass, white milk glass.

$30 small package with up to 8 pieces 
$42 medium package with up to 12 pieces
$55 large package with up to 16 pieces   

Dessert Table Service

Varying sizes and shapes to accommodate your dessert menu! Choose from our selection of footed or flat cake plates, tiered plate stands, trays, candy dishes, cupcake displays, and more.

Ask for pricing 

Sweetheart Table Service

Classic, Elegant, Grand, or Luxe package items for two 
2 Coupes or flutes
2 Dessert plates and forks, if not included in dining package
Selection of tabletop décor (candlesticks, vases, etc.)  

$36 plus dining package price for two

Head Table Service

Classic, Elegant, Grand, or Luxe package items for each guest 
Coupes or flutes for each guest
Dessert plates and forks, if not included in dining package   
Selection of tabletop décor (candlesticks, vases, etc.) 

$55 and dining package price + $3.50 per guest

Cake Table  Service

Choose items from any collection.

Selection of tabletop décor (candlesticks, vases, etc. 
Cake Stand 
Cake knife and server
Two coupes or flutes 
Two dessert plates and forks 

Ask for pricing


à la carte

Cream and sugar set— $4 

Glass pitcher— $4 
Glass drink dispenser— $7 

Punch Bowl with Ladle
May include stand or tray.
Clear pressed crystal—$7 
White milk glass—$9 

Cake Service
Wide variety of shapes and sizes available! 
Flat cake plate—$6 
Mini footed cake plate—$5
Small footed cake plate—$7
Medium footed cake plate—$12
Large footed cake plate—$15
Knife and server set—$10 
Cake plate dome cover—$5 
Cupcake display—$6

 Serving Trays 
Clear pressed crystal—$4 

Tiered Metal Plate Stand $8-10 
Wide variety available, includes plates from any collection. 

Candy Dishes 
Clear pressed crystal, colored glass, milk glass. 

Family-style or Buffet Serving Pieces
Inquire for options to fit your menu!