Decor Pricing

Candlesticks (single candle) 
Clear pressed crystal or glass, colored glass, milk glass, wood, brass, silver, chinoiserie. 
Small Taper or Pillar (under 6 inches)—$2 
Medium Taper or Pillar(6-12 inches)—$4 
Large Taper or Pillar (over 12 inches)—$5
Votive or Tealight—$1 

Candelabras (multiple candles) 
Vintage Crystalline (2-3 candles)—$4 
Brass or silver (4-6 candles)—$8 
Standing (5 foot)—$20 

Vases and vessels 
Clear pressed crystal, colored glass, milk glass, jars and bottles, brass, blue & white. Footed compotes and large bowls. 
Small vases (under 6 inches)—$2 
Medium vases (6-12 inches)—$3 
Large vases (over 12 inches)—$4 

Small mix/match—$3 
Large matching—$7