Our Story

Welcome to Cranberry Sky Heirloom Rentals!

We’re delighted to offer a spectacular curated collection of vintage and antique items for your events. Our collections include everything needed for setting a gorgeous tabletop, as well as décor, serving, and specialty display items. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re always on a treasure hunt and are thrilled when we can personally source exactly what our clients want to make their wishes come true!

Living in the incredible natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, we are committed to environmental sustainability in our business. We love the concept of choosing wonderful pieces of history, rather than buying new or disposable for a single event. It’s good for the planet and makes for fabulous and unique designs for your celebrations. Our packaging is reusable or recyclable and we use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

Lara comes from a long line of women who appreciate lovely things. She collects and uses beautiful dishes, glassware, and décor for her tabletop and entertaining. She adores throwing a party, and loves to share her favorite collections with others for their own special events.

Photo by Francys Tobler Photography